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Mango Flamo/mango habanero

Mango Flamo/mango habanero

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Fuel your day with a bag of Rippin Jerky! Fresh, grass-fed beef, Halal and cosher friendly, locally bought awesome beef jerky.

-We use a mango habanero dry rub, and we marinate the meat for 24 hrs. in our Custome mango sauce.

-we use low sodium Himalayan salt.

-great source of protein before any race, or just at home drinking a beer.

-no preservatives, no meat tenderizers.

-All home cooked, great tasting jerky at a good price.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cynthia D

Mango Flamo is my go to flavor out of all of them by far! My 2nd would be Rippin Jalapeno / Green Machine 3rd is a toss up of Raz Daz & Big Red! Those are just my tastebuds. :) The Jerky has a great flavor to it, like you can taste the quality of the meet. I also love knowing that this small business doesn't add all of the preservatives and keeps it low on all the extras, just simple and tasty. Don't start getting addicted like the rest of are! I ate 3 bags in 4 days!!! Not lying. Happy Eating. :)

Juan Hernandez
Mango hitting

Picked a pack of this mango jerky n let me tell you it's good must try